I am pleased to welcome you to the Horizon Multi Academy Trust website.

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We are a Multi Academy Trust in Plymouth currently consisting of nine schools which include, primary, infant and junior schools. These are Elburton, Ford, Hooe, Hyde Park Infant, Hyde Park Junior, Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery, Pomphlett, Victoria Road and Widewell academies. Our schools come from across the City with a varied demographic.

We see Horizon as being a Trust determined to celebrate and promote the diversity that is Plymouth. The links and partnerships that the Multi Academy Trust has in the UK and worldwide supports and enhances this.

Horizon is committed to providing outstanding experiences for all pupils through a commitment to collaboration and co-operation. We believe in learning from each other and growing through the strengths that each academy has. Central to our structure is a Learning Board, where this commitment is embodied and enacted. Across the Learning Board the leaders have great expertise, a track record for school improvement and a commitment to make a difference to all of our schools and most importantly, our children.

Fundamentally, we strive for success for all and will not let social disadvantage be an obstacle to everyone succeeding. We know that with great leadership, inspirational teaching, caring pastoral and emotional support, hard work and determination, every child in every one of our Horizon family of schools will succeed. Our ambition is for every child and for the Horizon team to be nurtured, supported and developed to provide a range of opportunities professionally enabling them all to thrive.

We are determined the unique ethos and nature of each Trust school will be retained and celebrated through earned autonomy.

The journey ahead for our Trust is exciting and if you are interested in joining us on this journey, finding out more about Horizon, or would like further details, please contact me.

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