Vision, Aims and Objectives


      The Trust is committed to providing outstanding educational experiences for each pupil. We are determined to raise aspirations, opportunities and the standards of learning for all pupils. 

      • We believe that even better progress and attainment can be achieved through strong collaboration. In the Horizon MAT school leaders and governors will come together to share strategic thinking and expertise. By combining talents and skills we will support each other during challenging times.
      • Expertise will be shared across the schools ensuring that all schools have access to outstanding practice. The Horizon MAT will look to fund specialist teachers to work across all schools to provide richer curricular experiences for our pupils.
      • There will be opportunities for shared professional development, whether led internally or inviting in outside bodies. We would use professional development time to moderate between the year groups of the differing schools and shared subject expertise.
      • We believe that the Horizon MAT will enable the schools to tackle recruitment challenges and retain and develop staff from Initial Teacher Training to senior leadership. The Mat will encourage retention of staff through providing new opportunities, and plan effectively for succession.
      • As a Trust we will benefit financially as school budgets shrink. We will look to economies of scale, collective purchase and other financial efficiencies to achieve this.

      All of this will be achieved while retaining and celebrating the unique ethos and nature of each Trust school. 

    2. The Strategic Aims of the Trust 

      1. Educational Excellence
      • Our pupils value learning with high quality teaching provided for all
      • All schools to be judged at least good OfSTED judgements
      • Achievement indicators for Horizon Trust in attainment and progress show a trajectory of improvement for all groups over time
      1. Support and Challenge
      • Ensure effective and robust governance structures at all levels supporting and challenging school performance 
      1. Trusted Employer
      • Our staff are nurtured for their future development
      • We endeavour to ensure the well-being of our staff
      1. Efficient and Effective
      • “To have the right people in the right place at the right time”
      • Resources are used effectively and shared to achieve best value in creating a positive and sustainable learning environment.
      1. Serving unique communities
      • Engage with local communities, businesses and other education providers to remove barriers to learning and raise aspirations for our pupils.