Alan Butler

Alex King

Stuart Jones (Ex-officio)

Su Porter


Andrew Burt

Maria Anderson (CEO ex-officio)

Emma Roberts (Vice Chair)

Imogen Potter

Jenna Fulton

Jonathan Loney

Stuart Jones (Chair)

Chrissie Bassett

Lindsey Lewis

Caroline Adams

Nick Abbott

Governance Structure

Governance Structuew

Members: determine the ethos and purpose of the Trust (i.e. the provision of education) and the way it will be governed (which will be set out in the Articles of Association) and will have a right (not an obligation) to participate in governance by appointing and removing Trustees. They also have a right to receive the Trustees’ annual report and accounts and to attend general meetings of the Trust.

Board of Trustees: the accountable body for the performance of all Academies within the Trust and, as such, must ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; hold the CEO to account for the educational performance of the Academies and their pupils, and the performance management of staff; and oversee the financial performance of the Trust, ensuring financial probity and value for money.

The Local Governing Bodies (LGBs): Committees of the Board of Trustees and have delegated decision-making powers in accordance with this SoD and their Ofsted grading (see Table of Responsibilities). The LGBs shall each hold at least three meetings in every school year.

There are eight elements to effective governance:

  1. The right people around the table;
  2. Understanding the role and responsibilities;
  3. Good chairing;
  4. Professional clerking;
  5. Good relationships based on trust;
  6. Knowing the school – its data, staff, parents, children and community;
  7. Commitment to asking challenging questions; and
  8. Confidence to have courageous conversations in the interests of the pupils

Trustee and Member Business Interest 2020/21

NameRoleBusiness InterestDate of AppointmentMember AppointedDate of Expiry
Maria Anderson CEODirector of PLP01/09/2017
Member appointed N/A
Member of National Association of Head Teachers01/06/2013
Director of Elburton PTA01/09/2020
Alan ButlerMemberUniversity Lecturer; Charity Trustee of Plymouoth Octopus Project, Voluntary and Community Sector;01/09/2019Member appointedN/A
Charity Trustee of Timebank South Westc, community involvement charity,01/09/2019
Company Director of Pride in Plymouth, non-profit Community Interest Company; Member of Oral History Society, Community Archives and Heritage Group.01/09/2019
Alexander KingMemberDirector of the Mount Batten Group of Companies01/09/2019Member appointedN/A
Su PorterMemberSenior Lecturer for primary and secondary teachers Plymouth Marjon29/01/2019Member appointedN/A
Andrew BurtTrustee01/09/2019Member appointed 01/09/22
Employed by Babcock Internation01/09/2019
Emma RobertsTrusteeChild attending a Horizon MAT school01/09/2016Member appointed 01/09/2024
Imogen PotterTrusteeDeputy Chief Executive of Plymouth VCS, Voluntary Community Sector;01/12/2018Member appointed01/12/2022
Child attending a Horizon MAT school;
Member of Plymstock Albion Oaks Rugby Club
Jenna FultonTrusteeChild attending a Horizon MAT School. Employed by Babcock Internation01/09/2019Member appointed 01/09/2023
Jonathan LoneyTrusteeSenior Partner of Nash and Co01/09/2018Member appointed 01/09/2022
Stuart JonesTrustee and MemberCompany owner of SJ Training;01/09/2016Member appointed 01/09/2024
Charity trustee of National School Sailing;Member of the Royal Yacht 01/09/2016
Association;Child attending a Horizon MAT School.01/09/2016
Chrissie BassettEmployed by Longcause Community Special School and Child attending Horizon MAT school01/07/2020Member appointed 01/07/2024
Lindsey LewisChild attending Horizon MAT school01/07/2020Member appointed 01/07/2024
Caroline AdamsTrusteeRetired Lecturer16/03/2021Member appointed16/03/2025
Nick AbbottTrusteeCompany Director Ivor Dewdney 16/03/2021Member appointed 16/03/2025